How to do Keyword research for SEO: for Beginners

When creating content for your website, you always hope that a larger percentage of your target audience will notice it and relate to it. However, this can only be achieved if you have optimized your content for search engines like Google. As a content creator, there is no doubt that you have the knowledge to search for information on the internet. Therefore, you know that adding keywords to your content will help you rank high on the search engines results pages (SERPs).

Before creating and publishing content on your website, it is necessary to understand who your target audience is and how they search for information on the internet. By doing this, you will be able to do keyword research that will help your audience to find your content.

Keyword research is a method that individuals use to examine and understand the words people use to search for products, services, or information on the internet.

For beginners, keyword research is important as it allows you to know the most common and popular words used, the popularity of these search terms, and the frequency in which they are used. It is important to note that, keyword research is the basis of SEO. Therefore, is your content is not optimized for search engines, then no one will access it or read it.

As a content creator, the main aim is to have your content ranked high in search engines and gaining traffic to your website. For you to attain this, you should do proper keyword research and use these keywords to your advantage.

How to Find the Right Keywords

Keyword research may not be as easy as it sound. First, you need to know and understand what your target audience is demanding. You can use this as a basis for your keyword research and build on that in order to get more keywords for your content.

Before doing keyword research, it is important to understand your niche and to know the keyword research tools and how they work. Below, you will find insights on how you can get the bright keywords for your content;

  • Know the keywords your competitors are using

Looking at what your competitors are using to rank high on the search engines is a perfect way to know what keywords to use. By searching for keywords on Google will help you find the sites that rank high; these are the sites that you should visit and see how they are crafting their content, what keywords they are using, and how they are using these keywords to attract traffic.

It is crucial to note that, you only need to find sites that have the same content ideas as you; this will allow you to have more keyword ideas and help boost your website traffic.

  • Brainstorm ‘seed’ keywords

Before creating content for your website, you need to understand what your niche is. By doing this, it will be easy for you to think about seed keywords. Seed keywords are the basis of any keyword research; these seed keywords enables you to identify your niche and know who your competitors are.

Note that, most keyword research tools request for seed keywords; this then allows the tools to provide you with a list of keywords that you can use to improve your SEO.

  • Know and understand your niche

Before posting anything on your website, you need to fully understand the niche that you have chosen. You can do this by doing extensive research on all your topics; this will help you to understand what you will be writing about. Also, you will understand what your target audience is always searching for on the internet.

By doing this, you will have a broad idea of the keywords that will help you create a reputation amongst your target audience. Additionally, researching on your niche will enable you to see what your competitors are not doing, and this will give you a competitive advantage.

  • Find the right keyword research tools

Brainstorming and getting keyword ideas from your competitors is a perfect way to gain traffic to your website. However, there are many keywords that have not been explored and used by your competitors; this is why using keyword research tools is an effective way of getting keywords that haven’t been used.

A good example of a keyword research tool is the “Google Keyword Planner”; this tool is available for free use and is very effective for keyword research.

Main Elements of keyword research

When doing a keyword research, it is important to pay attention to the following aspects;

  • The keyword volume

Before using a keyword, it is important to look at its Monthly Search Volume (MSV); this will allow you to select the perfect keywords that will allow your content to rank high on the search engines.

If you want rank high on Goggle, then it is necessary to find the keywords that have the right monthly volume on their searches.

  • Keyword relevance and importance

It is important to create content that will satisfy the demands of your target audience; this is because, Google and other search engines rank content depending on the relevance given to it by the readers. Your content must be able to answer most if not all of the questions that your audience might have.

The more the audience searches for your content, the higher you will rank on the search engine results pages. Therefore, it is important to find keywords that perfectly complement your content.

  • The keyword authority and influence

Keywords are fundamental to getting your content noticed by your readers. Therefore, it is important to create a good content because they are always considered authoritative by Google; this will be key to making your content readily available for your audience.

Keywords are essential to ensure that your website appears high on the search engine results pages.

Final Thoughts

For any content creator, getting your website noticed by your target audience is important because it gives you a chance to get a high rank on Google. Therefore, it is important to do keyword research before creating and uploading your information to your website.

The analysis above will provide you with tips that will help you to find the perfect keywords for your content; this will help you establish a strategy that will boost your rank on the search engines.

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