The Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Your Products on Social Media

Marketing your product on social media can be tricky if you’re not sure which rules to follow and which to break. To avoid annoying your customers, being on the wrong side of data protection laws or simply doing something that doesn’t suit your brand, it’s best to check out these tips on how to market your products on social media. These 5 do’s and don’ts will help you avoid making any mistakes while promoting your business across the most popular platforms in existence today.

DO: Use high-quality images
It may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure that you are using high-quality images to show off your product. This may mean investing in a good camera or using an app like Photoshop to edit the photo before uploading it to your social media account. The quality of the image is important because it will make people want to buy your product instead of a competitor’s.

DON’T: Use too many hashtags
Don’t just spam your product with a bunch of hashtags. Not only is it annoying for people who follow you, but it also makes you look desperate for attention. Hashtags are meant to categorize your post in order to make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for–not to point them in the wrong direction.

DO: Use influencers
Influencer marketing is a great way to get exposure for your business. This method involves paying social media stars with large followings to promote your products in their posts. Make sure you do thorough research and look for the right influencers who are a good fit for your brand, as well as ensuring they have an active audience that aligns with your target market.

DON’T: Buy followers
One method for marketing your products is to buy followers. This is a bad idea because it does not have any long-term effect on your business. It also makes it seem like you are trying to artificially inflate the success of your company or that you are not legitimate. If you need to grow quickly, try other methods, such as advertising on social media.
Odds are that people will unfollow you if they see that you bought followers instead of earning them through quality content.
DON’T: Post without permission: If someone doesn’t want their product posted on social media, do not post it without permission! Once again this can make people think negatively about your company, which could lead them to unfollowing and un-subscribing from your account.

DO: Run giveaways
One way to get your products out into the world is by running giveaways. Giving away free samples or discounted products can be a great way to introduce your product to new customers. But, it’s important not to run giveaways too often. Running too many will make customers feel like they’re getting spammed with promotional material, and they’ll stop following you. Plus, many people only do giveaways in the holiday season when they should be doing them all year long!

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