The Worst Video Marketing Mistakes You Can Make

Video marketing is one of the best ways to capture and hold your audience’s attention online, but it can be easy to make one or more of these common mistakes that can seriously hurt your business if you aren’t careful. We outline the worst video marketing mistakes you can make, how to avoid them, and how to correct them if you’ve already made one of these errors in the past.

Making videos that are too long
A common mistake of video marketing is making a video that’s too long. The human attention span is notoriously low, with the average person able to focus on something for 10 seconds before they start to zone out. This means that people will often stop watching your videos after ten seconds if you don’t capture them right away. So be wary of creating videos that are more than a few minutes in length and try to keep them short and sweet.

Not using keywords
This is a mistake that marketers often make when they upload their videos to YouTube. It’s important to use the keywords for your video in the title and description so that people can find it. People don’t have time to watch videos without knowing what it’s about, so it can be difficult for them to find your video if you don’t include the right keywords.

Not optimizing your thumbnails
One of the worst mistakes you can make in video marketing is not optimizing your thumbnails. If someone is scrolling through their Facebook feed, they’re not going to see your thumbnail as it’s too small. The only way they’ll find out about your video is if they press play and watch it. This means that even if you have a great video, people are likely to just scroll past it because they didn’t know it was there.

Not having a call to action
A good video should have a call to action. This is the point where you tell viewers what they should do next. It could be to subscribe, share, buy your product, or download an ebook. Whatever it is, make sure it’s clear and simple so that viewers can easily take the desired action.

Not promoting your videos
One of the worst video marketing mistakes you can make is not promoting your videos. If you’re just putting them on YouTube or Facebook and don’t do anything else, then no one will find out about them. This is a big mistake because people are more likely to share videos with their friends when they think it’s worth watching. So, if you want to grow your audience, promote the videos on social media and through email campaigns so that people know about them.

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