What is SEO and how does it work?

A Complete Guide about What is SEO and How Does it Work

Having a website is very simple. You just need a domain, hosting, and a good web designer. However, one of the most challenging tasks is ranking it and gaining organic traffic.

SEO plays a critical role for every website and allows a website to grow without spending a lot of money.

We know that you just found this article by typing “What is SEO and how does it work.” Also, we know you must have used Google or some major search engine like Safari or Bing. It was because of our SEO actions and all the techniques applied to improve our presence in a search engine.

Do you want to learn what you need to know about SEO?

We recommend that you continue reading and learn all about SEO with us.

Step by Step Guide about What is SEO and How does it work!

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of strategies that aim to position the website in search engines for a group of keywords. Also, improving a website based on SEO could increase its visibility and strengthen its positioning to have more priority than other websites.

For example: if you use SEO on a website dedicated to selling cat products, the website will be in the first results of google (SERPs or Search Engine Results Page) every time a person types the keyword “cat products.”

How does SEO Work?

Search engines (Google, Bing, Safari) have a bot system (Google Crawler) to go through each available website and rank it to display when a person searches for a keyword. Some of the activities that google performs on a website are:

  • Know your content and niche.
  • Classify it depending on the quality of information it provides to the user and indicates for users to see it.
  • Index your website to their search engine so that users have access through Google.

You must be wondering what factors Google takes into account when evaluating the quality of a website? There are many, and it depends on the current algorithm, but some of the most critical factors are:

  • Quality of written content (no spam)
  • Website security
  • Number of dofollow and nofollow links aiming to your website (SEO Off Page)
  • The keywords that the website mainly uses
  • Optimization aspects of SEO On Page such as:

○ Page load speed

○ Number of broken links

○ Quality of the links that point to other websites.

○ How responsive is the website

○ HTML errors on the website

○ domain age

○ Structure of the content on the website (H1, H2, H3, content, links, etc.)

○ The website’s geolocation

What is Local SEO?

The different types of SEO always have the same mission: “optimize a website to appear in the first results when someone searches something on Google related to your website’s niche.” However, Local SEO specializes more in the website’s geolocation because they are usually businesses that want to have an excellent online presence.

In other words, it is the same SEO but with optimization strategies and keywords related to the country/state/city in which the store you want to make more visible is located. In general, all the websites’ content with Local SEO has the following structure:


What is Local SEO and How does it work?

As we said before, Local SEO is not very different from traditional SEO, and they work in the same way. In this case, Google will emphasize geolocated keywords, and you will drastically reduce your competition because you are being specific.

Saying “cat food” is not the same as saying “cat food in Spain” or “cat food in Marbella.” When your Local SEO is more specific, your competition will be much smaller, and so will your target audience. Additionally, this type of SEO is ideal to use as a tool to carry out a digital marketing strategy.

What is SEO Marketing?

Marketing is the set of strategies applied to a business and aims to improve the positioning of a brand. In addition, marketing is used to enhance the sales of a product and meet the target audience’s needs.

In this case, SEO Marketing is the optimization of a website as part of a marketing strategy, and you want to promote a product quickly. Usually, the websites that perform this type of SEO are e-commerce or small businesses that wish to have organic growth.

How does SEO Marketing work?

Like the rest of the types of SEO, it works in the same way. However, this SEO uses other strategies to improve the positioning in terms of marketing. Some of the factors that are essential to improve SEO Marketing are:

  • Knowledge of inbound marketing and digital marketing techniques
  • Creation of blogs related to the product you want to promote
  • SEO optimization on-page in general (image meta description, SEO-friendly URL, heading tags, SSL certificate)
  • Use the keywords referring to the niche of the product or the specific product
  • Improve link building on external pages in the same niche as your website. However, it is possible to use blogs with good authority.

What is SEO On Page and Off Page?

When we talk about SEO and the techniques necessary to improve it, we always talk about SEO On-Page and SEO Off-Page. It is normal not to know all those SEO terms and factors when starting a small business or a website. However, we are here to guide you at all times. If you want to know more about the techniques in which SEO is divided, we will explain them below:

SEO On Page

SEO On-Page is all the techniques that directly affect the website and are done on the website. This technique is the most critical of SEO because Google examines websites, and everything must look impeccable to have an excellent ranking. Also, some of the factors to optimize in SEO On Page are:

  • Title (H1) of the Home page or Landing pages.
  • Main keywords.
  • URLs
  • Target Description
  • Images and their Meta Tag
  • responsive design
  • Internal Linking and Link Building
  • Number of broken links or links to penalized websites
  • Website loading speed

SEO Off Page

As its name says, SEO Off Page are all the techniques used outside the website and aimed at improving our website’s positioning. Generally, this type of SEO is only carried out when the website is fully ready to start receiving traffic.

There are a few ways to do SEO Off Page, but the main one is through link building and

Backlinks to our website. Usually, we use websites with good authority to make DoFollow or NoFollow links pointing to our website.

What is Black Hat and White Hat SEO?

SEO has different variations regarding the tools and techniques used for positioning a website. On the other hand, Google has set the game’s rules for ranking in its search engine and has prohibited many practices that offer illegal positioning.

All the tools and strategies banned by Google are “Black Hat SEO.” On the other hand, the tools and strategies that follow all Google rules are “White hat SEO.” If you plan to use Black Hat SEO, we must tell you that your page could be penalized by Google, automatically unindexed, and you could lose all your effort.

Don’t you know what the most famous Black Hat SEO techniques are?

Here we will mention some:

  • Spinning: consists of articles rewritten by software and published on another website. That is, plagiarism with some words changed.
  • Spam: we all know how it feels to receive thousands of SPAM emails. In the case of

SEO, it is about sharing links repetitively and for no reason.

  • Keywords Stuffing: It is the most used technique, and it consists of repeating words hundreds of times unnecessarily.
  • Buy links: We know that backlinks are important, but buying and obtaining them in bulk is a technique widely used in Black Hat SEO today.

On the other hand, these are some of the most used techniques in White Hat SEO:

  • SEO On Page
  • Generation of content on social networks or blogs
  • Obtain DoFollow backlinks organically and with quality content.
  • Creating a responsive user interface

Finally, there is a third type of SEO that not everyone knows about: “Gray Hat SEO.” This SEO consists of using White Hat SEO techniques and a few Black Hat SEO techniques. However, Black Hat techniques must be moderate and not so illegal. For example, many people do spinning and then rewrite the article a bit to avoid plagiarism.

Benefits of using SEO in small business

As a digital tool, SEO offers many benefits to websites that want to have constant growth without buying ads or views with SEM (Search Engine Marketing). If you still do not know the benefits that you can obtain, then we will tell you about them below:

Improve the online presence of the business

The first thing we take into account when buying in e-commerce is the quality of the website and how much confidence it inspires. Usually, websites with a good appearance and SEO get more conversions than websites that do not follow any SEO technique. Without a good website, you will have few sales, and it will cost you much more to grow in the market.

Increase public awareness

All the content on your e-commerce blog serves to educate the public and clarify all the most common doubts. Additionally, this can make the shopper feel more secure when purchasing on your website.

Makes the business much more competitive

There will always be competition in the market, which is much more challenging if you have a small business. Using SEO, you can quickly put your business in front of the competition by offering a much better service than digital platforms.

Lower costs and increased profits

Using SEM with Google can be very expensive, but it can get results almost immediately. However, it is much better to use SEO and naturally create the foundation of a website. Also, you could spend a lot more money using google ads than paying a specialist who builds an entire strategy for your business.

You will get interested clients

When a customer comes to your website looking for information to solve a problem, they usually tend to search for products on the same website and make a purchase. That is why the content of a blog within any e-commerce or small business is essential to get genuinely qualified customers to generate leads and sales on the website.

The world of SEO is much more extensive and complicated than what we have just seen, but there is always an easy way to learn. It is the best tool for your small business to scale quickly and increase sales. Also, you must choose the type of SEO you need on your website and always use White Hat techniques to avoid punishments by Google.

It’s All About What is SEO and How does it work

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